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The Aero Stress Wiki is powered by the open source MediaWiki wiki package. This is the same software that runs Wikipedia. An account will have to be created for you to edit this wiki.

To request an account send email to the webmaster.

Wiki page development uses a number of special symbols and tags for text formatting. Help with editing and formatting can be found at the following useful links:

Wiki Formatting

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. Specific Links:

Math Equation Editing

Equations can be added using MathJax. Equations can be written using the \(\LaTeX\) equation formatting system. Help creating math formulas using \(\LaTeX\) can be found at:

Figures and Illustrations

Figures and illustrations may be created using any vector image editing program, such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. A very capable and free image editor is also available at Inkscape which works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

It is strongly suggested you use the .png format for figures and illustrations. JPEG (or .jpg) format can be safely used for pictures. Images can be converted to .png using the free online image editr Pixlr.

Wiki Rules

Please follow these rules to help maintain a productive and supportive community.

  1. To edit this wiki you will need an account, and only existing account holders can create new accounts. This is for security purposes. However, the decision to create new user accounts is left to the discretion of the account holders. As such, a certain amount of user oversight is expected. Do not give access to people who are not trustworthy, or who do not have a need to make changes to the content on this website.
  2. This wiki supports a specialized field within a large industry containing many individual business entities. Each business or corporation who stands to gain from this website also maintains its own proprietary information, methods, instructions and material data. DO NOT put any proprietary information of any kind belonging to any corporation on this website. If such an infraction is brought to the attention of the webmasters, this content will be removed immediately and the user's rights will be revoked.
  3. Be vigilant. This is a public wiki and it can be modified by anyone with access to a user account. Therefore the information, methods and advice may not be accurate and their usefulness is not guaranteed. Please see the disclaimer page for more information. If you find information that is incorrect please remove it or correct it.
  4. Join in and have fun! The information you provide will be used by stress engineers all over the world for years to come. Be part of the solution, and read about Aero Stress Wiki!